Agnieszka Królikowska

My name is Agnieszka Królikowska, in my private life I am a wife and mother of two wonderful twin daughters Maja and Emilka. I started working for Compass Group Poland in April 2016.

I left my previous job on the spur of the moment and made up my mind to try my hand in a different industry, and to date my choice has turned out to be the right one, and I don't regret it. Initially at Compass I was a customer service attendant at the Gerresheimer restaurant in Bolesławiec, the job I had applied for. Soon afterwards the restaurant manager offered me the position of assistant manager. Having passed the examination required of applicants for the position, I was able to dedicate my full attention to my new challenge. And thus my career with Compass, if I may put it this way, really took off, bringing new experiences for me. Currently, after I was promoted a month ago, I am the manager of the restaurant in which I started my career with Compass. This is yet another challenge for me and I hope I will rise to it, thanks to the great staff and management who are always ready to lend a hand and give good advice.

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