Aneta Bojanowska

I started working for Compass Group quite by accident. When I came across a job posting for an assistant manager at a new restaurant in Bydgoszcz, my feelings were mixed. True, I love catering but I was scared by the prospect of working 7 days a week.

Luckily I made up my mind and submitted my application. The hiring process was very fast, smooth and professional. I was offered the job with working time from Mondays to Fridays, 8 hours a day, under a contract of employment. I had hardly started in my job when I went to attend offsite training, where I met other associates, learnt about the specific nature of work in employee canteens and made new friends when the opportunity arose.

I also have positive memories of my first days at the new job, largely thanks to the regional manager, who introduced me to all practical aspects of my job. In any case, to this day I can rely on her support in any situation.

For three months I was an assistant manager and after that I was promoted to the position of restaurant manager. Now I work with 5 colleagues and we make up a well-integrated and efficient team. Although quite often, after I wake up, I feel like staying in bed longer, I have never had those "I don't want to go to work" feelings. Quite to the contrary, thanks to this job and this place, I feel fulfilled in my role, I feel job satisfaction.

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