Are you looking for the best quality and top notch professional services? Do you want to rationally manage your expenses? Then Compass Group's services are exactly what you need. We are a business partner that will effectively put your company's vision into practice while minimizing your reliance on subcontractors.

We provide professional consulting services to develop the right solutions in the areas of restaurant management, reception desk management, catering services as well as cleaning services. We focus on service integrity and improvements in service quality with costs kept at the existing level or reduced.

Restaurant planning

We will help you design and equip a restaurant on your company premises. This way you will avoid protracted negotiations with subcontractors. We will advise you on process layouts, selection and purchase of kitchen equipment as well as interior design. Each of our projects is preceded by clearly defined and well-planned stages.

Where do we start?

We start working with a new client by analysing design documentation, including a review of a functional layout of areas, selection of process equipment and utilities balance as well as consultations with an expert on SANEPID sanitary requirements as well as occupational safety and health regulations. It is also at this stage that we plan the appearance and character of the restaurant where each guest will feel comfortable. The next stage involves a building permit design as part of which we plan the function and form of your restaurant and provide discipline engineers with guidelines on architecture and installations while also arranging necessary formalities with the surveyors or experts. 

At the third stage we work with design documents, including a list of process equipment, and review quotes sent in by potential equipment suppliers. The last stage – involving actual design work, provides detailed design guidelines. During each of the stages we also plan the appearance and character of the restaurant where each guest will feel comfortable.

Our objective is to provide professional support for designing a pleasant and multi-function location where staff can meet to have a tasty meal, chat and relax for a while. 

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