Our mission

We deliver the highest quality services ensuring that they benefit both our Clients and employees.


We have set ourselves the goal of achieving and maintaining a leadership position in the catering and support services market. We are renowned for our great food tailored to meet the tastes and requirements of our Clients, great service as well as great, committed people. Our services are primarily designed to add variety to rest breaks at work and brighten up their working day with interesting flavours and positive energy.

Openness and trust

We want all our relationships to be based on trust. Two-way communication, honesty and mutual respect form the basis of good business relationships.

Passion for quality

We put our whole heart in what we do. That is why the quality of our services is always top notch.


We attach great importance to our Clients' safety, health and well-being. That is why we take responsibility for our actions, individually and as a Group.

Win through teamwork

We owe our position in the catering services market mainly to our employees. They share knowledge with each other and support each other.

Can-do attitude

We take a positive attitude towards the world around us. We are always open to change and listen to our Clients' suggestions. 

Our values

The wellbeing of our Clients and employees is our number one priority. It is for them that we command a leading position in the catering services market.