5 pillars of sustainable development

As a subsidiary of Compass Group PLC, a world-leading provider of catering and broadly defined support services, we feel responsible for the world around us. Each day we do our best to make a positive contribution to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle of both our employees and our Clients' employees. That is why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of our sustainable growth strategy, which we are very proud of.

We take pride in the increasing number of CSR activities that we are undertaking within our organisation.

Our business is based on five sustainability pillars: our people, trusted suppliers, healthy lifestyle, environment and society. Above all, a workplace that integrates all these aspects promotes efficiency. It can be measured in a simple manner and reflects our goals. 

Our people

Our people are the heart of our organisation as they perform the important role of representing us vis-a-vis our Clients. Their motivation, experience and entrepreneurship contribute to, and form the foundation of, our business activities, thus determining the quality of our services.

It is of prime importance to us that our employees work in a healthy and safe environment. As an employer we provide our employees with optimum conditions for career development and self-actualisation. We realize that our employees are the heart of our organisation and thus have the greatest impact on our Clients' satisfaction.

Sustainable purchasing

For our restaurants we always source a varied range of products from sustainable sources. We select our products carefully and ensure they are of the highest quality. We follow such purchasing policies because we care for farm animals and their natural environment.

That is why we have made a decision to cease using cage eggs in our products and replace them with eggs from alternative methods of egg production by the end of the year 2025. Together with our suppliers, we continually strive to maintain the highest quality of the products offered to our Clients. 

We run a safe and transparent supply chain as well as helping to build customer confidence and forge solid business relationships with them.

Healthy lifestyle

We promote healthy eating habits on a daily basis, by providing our clients with superior quality food. By pursuing our passion of supporting people's well-being and healthy eating habits, we can help our clients and employees adopt a more balanced and responsible lifestyle.

We have made it our mission to increase consumption of health-promoting products. We believe in seasonality and regional character of the products we provide. 

The environment

We have made it our priority to minimise the adverse impact of our operations on the environment - that is why we reduce as much as possible our consumption of energy and water as well as taking steps to reduce food waste. We implement programs that help us better manage and sparingly use our resources as well as managing our finances more efficiently.


Our first and foremost priority is our people. Community involvement is very important for us. We provide everybody with opportunities to gain experience and develop their work skills.

By actively promoting local community projects, we demonstrate we abide by our guiding principles in carrying on our business.