Questions and answers

After you have submitted your application, you will be contacted by a HR department specialist who will ask you to take part in an initial phone interview. Next, you will be asked to attend an appointment to meeting the manager responsible for recruitment in the restaurant concerned. In the case of certain positions, candidates are asked to work a paid trial day period before a final decision is taken. Then, within a few days, you will receive feedback information on whether you have been selected to join our team.

Choose the option that is most convenient for you. Contact directly the manager of the restaurant where you would like to work or contact the HR Department – call the telephone number provided in the job advertisement or submit your CV online, and we will call you back. You can also apply using the form available at our website.

We publish all of our current job openings on our website, in the “Careers” tab or on third-party websites such as,, or on local websites. As for advertisements for selected positions, they are published in local newspapers. But it's worth bearing in mind that even if no advertisement is posted for a particular position, you can always get in touch with us – we will tell you what vacancies we have at a given point in time and we will keep you in mind when initiating a new recruitment process.

At Compass we are open to considering all applications and giving everybody a chance. We will be happy to see people with catering experience join our team. However, we do fill some of our vacancies with people without any experience. All new employees are provided with induction training.

Yes, at Compass we put a lot of emphasis on training and employee development. Career paths can vary, depend on the position.

New restaurant employees are provided with introductory training, covering such aspects as essential information about the Company, safety and health, food safety as well as job specific training. In their second month of service, all new employees attend training run by internal coaches – at this stage we focus on consolidating knowledge gained in the restaurant and expanding skills of professional customer service and suggestive selling.

At the initial stage, assistant managers and managers attend training at a different location under the supervision of an experienced employee; next they go on to attend week's training at the Company's headquarters where they take part in training together with personnel from all the departments. It is at this stage that the assistants and managers familiarise themselves with the Company's regulations and procedures.

All training at Compass Group Poland count as paid working time.

Yes, a valid medical record book for sanitary and epidemiological purposes is necessary for a person to commence employment. No person may be allowed to work in a restaurant if they do not have such a medical record book.

Our company runs employee restaurants for  a very varied group of clients – most of the canteens are open Mondays to Fridays, 7-17, but we also manage restaurants that are open on a 7/24 basis.

I'd like to emphasise that most of our employees work under contracts of employment – we strictly comply with working time regulations and time reporting standards. We always seek to ensure that none of our employees, irrespective of restaurant opening hours, have to work overtime.

Work schedules for each contract are created individually. Employees are welcome to submit their preferences to their supervisors and such requests are granted as far as possible.

That depends of the opening hours of the restaurant concerned. Some of our restaurants do operate at weekends. In such cases employees need to agree their work schedules with their supervisors. 

Yes, we also offer part-time employment.

Yes, our employees are issued with a uniform on their first day at work.

Initially (usually for the duration of training) we offer trainees a contract of mandate, and after that we employ people under contracts of employment.

Pay levels depend on your position and qualifications. We also pay bonuses tied to performance.

In addition, we have a range of benefits to offer such as private medical care, group life insurance, MultiSport card subsidy.

We hire people starting from 16 years of age. People under 18 need to provide their parents' / guardians' written authorization to undertake employment.

Yes, it is our policy to allow students to complete their practical training, internship or job training at our Company.